5 Star Driving Academy, LLC

Officers Dedicated to Educating and Saving Lives


830 South Pike West, Sumter SC 29150

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NOW Offering SCDMV  Permit Testing! 

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     Welcome to 5 Star Driving Academy, the professional driving school program founded by a retired police officer.

We are the only driving school in Sumter, SC where retired or active-duty police officers will provide 100% of the classroom instruction and behind  the wheel training. We believe Driver’s Education is more than just watching videos. 5 Star Driving Academy’s curriculum gives your student the edge in driver’s education that regular driving courses often overlook.

As public safety officers we are dedicated to educating and saving student driver’s lives.  

​​​​​New Drivers now have an Edge on

Driver's Training.  

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Currently office hours vary due to us driving students. Please call or email and we can schedule a time to meet.